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  2. I found this video very helpful. Thank you! I do have a question. I am trading a demo account. I have been putting my support and resistance lines on a 4 hour chart to trade a 1 hour timeframe. Do you suggest anything different?

  3. Loved this video and will be making my adjustments, quick question I am currently testing MT5 to analyse charts but it does not have as many ready and easy to use signals like tradingview, is there another you can recommend, trading view at the moment requires payment and as i said im just testing/learning.

  4. Thanks, this is the best video I've watched on support and resistance. I was finding it hard to plot or even see on charts but you have simplified it for me in 2 ways:

    1. By using line charts – this is genius, it makes seeing the key turning points so much easier!

    2. Seeing the benefit of plotting S and R on multiple time frames using a top down approach.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is that MT4 you are using?

    2. If I a swing trading off the daily chart, I take it that I only need to plot key support and resistance on the daily, weekly and monthly charts?

    3. How far back would you go to determine key turning points on the daily? 6 months, one year?

    Many thanks!

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