1. I would not liar You're a good mentor Steve, I've been following your channel from early last year and you helped me a lot on my Trading journey we need a mentor like you in South Africa who knows how to put a content on a simplest form. Thumps Up Steve Great Channel I'm Coming for that APM Course tired of using ZUP indicator!!!!.Man do you know anything about elliott wave theory? and how to count those impulse move? If so, please share it mate if it's not on your Payable Program Like EAP.

    Thanks Fam Keep it Up!!!
    Thumps Up!!.

  2. I'd like to say something to the people who question the EAP and ask if Steven is so profitable then why is he selling his product. For me, personally, what's so great about the EAP is the preparation for the psychological battle you will encounter. There's no Holy Grail for the market. Steven said that many times. You WILL experience drawdowns no matter what strategy you use and it's up to you how you're going to deal with it. That's what separates traders from staying profitable and losing. Steven taught me a lot (the way he breaks down the market and implements his strategies in his tutorials is more than impressive) and what he asks for is nothing. Good luck to everyone.

  3. my bad, I see that this video was posted only 9 hours ago, so notifications did come quickly, was just expecting a weekly video on Monday. thanks again though as all your videos are very good and helpful to me

  4. your videos are great, only thing is, the notifications are coming very late in the week. I only watch 2 other weekly forecasts, one comes on Saturday and the other on Sunday, the notifications are received very quick, within the hour of release, I wish I could get yours on Monday as they are very accurate and helpful to my trading. please see what can be done to solve this as today is Thursday and I'm just receiving this helpful video. thanks

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