1. Once more sir,iam Mohammed Rayis from india,i really happy and satisfied and fully 100% agree with the content you provided in this channel,blogs and setups..i even read your blogs multiple times to boost my energy..lol!!..but iam amazed that all these are free!!and i cant believe how most powerful education will your paid course will be…you teach me patience from free education…so still i think i was not completed my 10% task for being a consistent profitable trader…i will be entering your community very soon…now i really remember your words that "DONT FOLLOW MONEY,MONEY WILL FOLLOW YOU"…

  2. is there any reason of why you are charting bullish outlooks for EURUSD ? Maybe some fundamental data, or maybe you think that taking a bullish position is better to anticipate the end of such a crowded trade? Because you could also chart bearish scenario with excellent patterns to support the short side.

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