1. Personally, trading on the bigger timeframes is not only was better, but a reminder that forex trading is not a get-rich-quick art because having patience to profit has proven to be more consistent. My moto is "Be patient and you shall profit."

  2. Choosing a strategy that works wasn’t really a tough one as I have the help of an expert trader. Mr Sanjay Otter, with his account and risk management I’ve been generating high ROi from trades. Consistent profits trading is a reality

  3. I have a question and i hope you see this as its a great strategy and I believe more people should know about it but what is your opinion on Elliot Wave Theory?

  4. i do acknowledged that having a fundamental approach to the market helps rationalize your trading decisions better however the only information i can keep track of is the economic calendar and the commitment of traders report <- ( have no idea how to use these to help me honestly other than that I know it is released weekly).

    What is the right way to use fundamentals and to time it well with your trading execution?

  5. Hey Cleveland, i feel you raised a great point on Forex market structure and the importance of it understanding it for all traders and i was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a video on it in depth as far as the influence of the big banks and just the broad understand that you have picked up on over the years which could help and add value to all traders. I'm a beginner trader from South Africa and going about sourcing out that information isn't as easy as it may seem and a bit of guidance would do a load of good. thanks man hope this gets to you

  6. You're right my teacher. I went against everything you taught me in the academy today on the NFP and I did pay dearly. I've learnt my lesson and will stick to TTA's strategy because it works! Just wish you posted this before lol!

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