1. Why can these things never be explained in an easy format assuming that a total beginner knowing nothing about any kind of trading can understand. Videos are always full of jargon and comments that someone who knows nothing can't understand. Feels like they lock out the basics to entice people to pay for their coaching tbh.

  2. Dont understand the complaints about the music. He is giving you great information I couldnt even hear the music just focus and take notes guarantee you won't hear the music. Thanks for the info was well worth the sub.

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  4. hey i am new. i have a very dumb question. i am hearing this a lot. on forex only Tuesday and Wednesday is good and active. and Friday no one trades (experienced traders) monday and Thursday is MEH. so how can you be full time trader on forex and profitable?

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  6. Hey dude, look, you are a cool guy, I get that: you are a highly intelligent guy, I get that: you are a highly knowledgeable guy, I get so many of your pisitive attributes …. so why oh why, when I am trying to listen to you, do I have that awful background din to fight through !! ??? I had to quit the video after a couple of minutes….

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