1. thank you very much Etienne for the video. Honestly I have been struggling to find traders / human beings who are interested in Forex Trading or any type of trading. I am based in Iowa, so you can imagine the difference between being here or a close city to me like Chicago… Absolutely a nightmare xD

  2. Thanks for posting your Video good to see someone doing something good for us lone Traders out there , i picked up a few things that i wouldn't have thought about doing , anyone in Brisbane interested in forming a small trading group to trade Forex . Wozal@yahoo.com

  3. Love the video Etienne.. like the idea of meeting other traders and exchanging ideas! Your right trading is a lonely game. You forget there are other people out there doing the same thing.
    Is there any chance of going to Paris?..Some say it can be expensive!
    OK thanks for the traders connecting suggestion.
    Take Care!

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