1. At the end of 2017 (Nov 10) Litecoin was at $59.26, close to the same price as it is now. Then it went up to $375 on Dec 19. Bitcoin was at $6,618 Nov 10, 2017 and $20,089 on Dec 17, 2017. Doesn't mean it will happen again, but it is interesting.

  2. Hey – Glad to see you covered my first love (ETH). I'd say add BCH but beta correlation of alts with BTC is so high why bother? Out of everything but a few BTC longs. Waiting for the next move. Have a nice rest of the weekend

  3. I have a question that you don't cover in your tuorial (ByBit)… As far as I understand I can't put a limit sell order for a price below the action price – so I have to create a conditional order so it gets filled. For Buy the other way around. Is there a way to also set the stop loss / take profit automaticly? The reason I switched over to Kraken is because there it is possible… For the life of me I don't get on how to do that at ByBit. I can't afford to sit in front of the computer all the time :-D…

    to describe what I want to do… Price is at 8800 and I expect it do go down.I want to put in a short at 8750, want to take profit at 8650 and I want to set a tight stop loss at 8800. How can I prepare such a trade at ByBit? I see "Close on trigger", is that it?

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